Mission Statement

Rowan High School encourages the students to have their say about school matters. This has been made possible by the formation of the School Council. The council has been elected by the students themselves and has an important role to play in the development of the school.

How it works?

School Council meets every Wednesday 8.55 – 9.15am.

Each Form Group takes part in a class vote to appoint the School Council representative.

The group discusses a range of items at the meeting and then minutes are then sent to the SLT team for feedback.

The School Council Team – Autumn Term 1 2022

Chairman: Alfie (Year 14)

Vice Chairman: Noah (Year 13)

Fundraising Manager: Adam (Year 9)

Treasurer: Daniel (Year 12)

Member: Kayden (Year 11)

Member: Caleb (Year 10)

Member: Darcy (Year 8)

Member: Oliver (Year 7)

Student Leadership

At Rowan High School we believe all students should be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills throughout their time in education.

Please see below our current Student Leadership Structure Information.

School Council members are asked half termly their opinion on how opportunities can be further developed.

Year 7

Lunchtime Club Members

Year 8

Library Assistants Appointments Made

Year 9

Peer Mentors Appointments Made

Year 10

New Prefects Appointments Made

Reading Buddy Appointments Made

Year 11

2 x Head Students Appointments Made

(Prefects to continue in roll)

6th Form

Current Prefects become Prefect Coaches

2 x School Ambassador Appointments Made

Leadership Information

The appointed prefects will stay in roll for Year 10 and 11.

The other leadership rolls will last 1 year to ensure all students have the opportunity to apply

for any of the opportunities throughout their time at Rowan High School.

Each year one student is voted to represent their year group at School Council.

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