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Rowan High School is a school specifically for children who have autism and sometimes other additional needs. Therefore, it is imperative that the curriculum supports and challenges pupils at all levels and abilities, whilst also catering for their specific needs.  

The rational for the curriculum therefore is to ensure that pupils of all abilities are able to access and engage with a broad range of religious texts and are given the opportunity to develop the understanding of different faiths.  

Some pupils we serve are from non-religious backgrounds and may not explore the beliefs of others at home. Our city is a multi-cultural and therefore pupils will encounter people of different beliefs and cultures thus need to understand and empathise with the beliefs and practices of people from different religious backgrounds. It is imperative that they all receive a broad and varied curriculum which allows them to gain insight into what people believe, where these faiths develops and the different rules and laws religious have.  

If you have any further questions please direct them to Mr Chailton at school who will be happy to help.


At Rowan High School we believe that it is important for all our pupils to learn from and about religion, in order to understand the world around them. The intent of Religion Education in our school is to help the students acquire and develop the knowledge and understanding of several principle religions represented in modern Britain. 

Our aim is for students to appreciate the way that religious beliefs not only shapes lives and behaviours but to develop the ability to make reasons and informed judgements about religious and moral issues thus enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  

Religious Education is taught throughout Rowan High and is intended to encourage, enquiry, discussion, independence and debate as well as creativity and imagination. The students in our school should be able to explain key symbols, places of worship, holy books and practices of key world religions. They are to gain understanding of the different faiths and where these originated in order to apply religious beliefs to the modern world. Our pupils are intended to understand different faiths and respect other people choices. Pupils of no faith are encouraged to respect other beliefs therefore students understanding and knowledge of a faith is our first step toward this.


In Rowan High students are working through the Living Faiths books developed by Oxford University Press which coincides with our local Authorities syllables. All students develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam.  

RE is taught to all students regularly on a weekly basis. This ensures that our students all participate in comprehensive topics about different beliefs, where they originated and common practices within these religions. This sequence alters slightly during key stage four where students then alternate termly with PSHE, meaning that our year 10 and 11 students complete three terms of RE during the academic year. Our Sixth form students participate in drop down days attending RE sessions for various religious festivals such as Holi Day (Hinduism), Diwali (Sikhism and Hinduism) as well as our Easter celebration (Christianity).  

Within the curriculum map for key stage three and four there is a scheduled external excursion planned for each year group which means by the end of year 11 all pupils have visited the place of worship for each of six religions covered within the RE curriculum.  


Our students at Rowan High learn about other religions and why people choose, or not choose to follow a religion. Through RE our pupils are able to make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and the wider world, developing an understanding of other people’s cultures and ways of life.  

Our coherent RE curriculum allows our students to gain the knowledge and understanding of key world religions. This allows pupils to make informed judgements and respects others’ cultural norms.

Curriculum Overview at Key Stage 3 and 4

Year 7:

In year 7 students will being the rolling programme in religious education. The students in Rowan High will discuss and gain understanding of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Buddhism. The main focus in year 7 will around what each of this religions believe. Students will gain understanding of what a monotheist, polytheistic and nontheistic religion is.  

Year 8:

During year 8 students will again look the same six religions as they did in their previous academic year. However in year 8 the focus will be around where these faiths originated. Students will look at the history of these religions and gain understanding of the rules and expectations which some religion have. Students will look at various religious texts and places of worship. 

Year 9:

During year 8 students will again look the same six religions as they did in their previous academic year. However in year 8 the focus will be around what it means to belong to each faith and what celebrations and festival happen in these religions. Throughout the year students will also discuss different types of worship and how being a part of these religions may impact a person’s life.  

Year 10:

In year 10 students will focus on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Students will make links to science and discuss whether science in a friend or foe of religion. Students will look at questions which are often asked in terms of creation and research various answers. Students will also look at the different belief these religions have in terms of the afterlife, and also their similarities.  

Year 11:

In year 11 students will discuss what it means to a Jew, Christian and Muslim. Students will think about all of the previous topics and consolidate information which they have learnt so far. Students will discuss ethical decisions in terms what is right and wrong as well as family life and religious ceremonies.  

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