Intervention at Rowan High…

At Rowan High we aim for every pupil to actively engage in, and achieve in all areas of the curriculum as well as develop within their own social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The main way we achieve this is through providing quality first teaching, day to day in the classroom, which caters for the varying needs of the children in the class and offers differentiated learning and development opportunities, in a specialised learning environment.

We aim to promote a learning atmosphere where positive values in behaviour, confidence and attitude to learning are created, nurtured and valued. Targeted intervention at Rowan High is designed in mind of pupil diversity, respecting the individual needs of all pupils and aiming to overcome barriers to learning or self-development, and to extend learning for pupils of whom we recognise have a special skill or talent. In an effort to help all of Rowan High pupils achieve at the highest level possible, and to achieve at their best academically, socially and emotionally, we offer a multi-level support intervention system.

We use this intervention system school-wide and for students’ participating in targeted intervention, we develop pupil centred goals, choosing research-based interventions and monitor student progress in relation to the chosen intervention. Pupils accessing targeted intervention feel valued, and see this is an enriching and positive opportunity which is aimed at not just closing gaps in learning or extending learning, but also developing pupil confidence and personal skills and values. All targeted interventions are planned around the profile of the child or young person in a holistic way, with the aim of enhancing their educational and personal outcomes ‘’ It is important to remember that autistic students may experience problems that are not directly related to their education, but which can have an adverse impact on their achievement’’ (Autism Education Trust, 2022).

If you have any further questions please direct them to Miss Potter at school who will be happy to help.


The targeted intervention system is designed in a way in which pupils’ individuality is at the heart of our practice and this ensures that all targeted intervention sessions are tailored to suit the needs of that pupil. The intended outcomes will be unique to the child and established upon referral, so progress can be monitored and achievements celebrated. For pupils, this can close gaps in learning, improve self-regulation and social interactions, support mental health and wellbeing and enhance meta cognition skills which will enhance pupils learning experience for their present and future learning. All interventions are tailored in line with the ‘graduated approach’ (assess, plan, do, review), (SEND Code of Practice, 2014) in which identified, positive strategies can be filtered back in to the pupils usual learning environment and enable progress to continue beyond targeted intervention.


Intervention Wave 1- Whole School Approach: Inclusive Quality First Teaching for All

Inclusive teaching will ensure that:-

  • Lessons are planned carefully to ensure that all pupils are able to participate and progress using quality first approaches and resources
  • Pupils can access the key learning at their own level, through differentiated teaching approaches
  • Pupils will always take some new knowledge away with them

In successful lessons, pupils are made aware of:-

  • Their lesson expectations and what is to be learned
  • How this connects with what they already know
  • What their next learning steps will be

During lessons, teachers will:-

  • Secure access to the key learning objectives for all pupils
  • Scaffold the learning and understanding of all pupils in a differentiated way using quality first teaching
  • Model good practice and consolidate existing learning and knowledge

Intervention Wave 2- Whole School Approach: Accelerating Progress

This intervention strategy is typically implemented when a group of pupils are struggling to progress, and is specific and time limited, with highly differentiated, specific and additional support. Pupils will access enhanced support within the classroom by support staff and additional resources and strategies can be offered by teaching and support staff. Additionally, this may be implemented to support pupils who are working above expectations and are ready to further extend their learning, in which learning opportunities will be offered to broaden pupil’s curiosity and knowledge.

Intervention Wave 3: Individualised Targeted Intervention

When pupils have been identified as benefiting from targeted intervention at Rowan High, it is important that we consider the origin of their need as this will impact on the likely success of the intervention. Whilst targeted intervention is not limited to purely academic outcomes, the overall aim is for both academic and personal growth and development. It is therefore important that a relationship is built with our intervention practitioner so a holistic view of the pupil is gained and the pupils voice is heard and considered. Pupils accessing targeted intervention are referred to the program, whether this through teaching and support staff or by parents, carers and outside agencies. In the first instance, pupils will receive weekly 1:1 intervention with our intervention practitioner over a half term, however this is not time limited, and pupils may benefit from this over an extended period of time. All interventions are specifically tailored to the needs of the child or young person and are designed in a way to promote pupil confidence and ensuring the pupil feels they have taken part in an enriching experience. The graduated approach is used throughout the targeted intervention process to ensure that successful strategies are continually provided and monitored, if and when the pupil is no longer accessing targeted intervention. Targeted interventions are designed around research-based interventions but also in mind of pupil voice, academic and personal presentation, and with an aim to improve the lived experience of every child accessing support.


The impact of interventions at Rowan High is to not only improve pupils academic progress and attainment but also their mental health and emotional wellbeing and have a positive impact on behaviour and social outcomes. Pupils benefit from improved self-determination and self-esteem, reduced personal and academic anxiety, and improved behaviour. When pupils fall behind their peers, or are academically curious beyond their expected academic targets, they can begin to lose confidence. Accessing targeted interventions at RHS, helps to build a pupils’ self-worth, as well as their academic understanding. Equally, all interventions at Rowan High take place in a nurturing, safe environment, which can positively contribute to pupils’ overall wellbeing.

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