Geography at Rowan High School…

The aim of the Geography curriculum at Rowan High School is to provide students with an understanding of the world we live in, how it functions and why it is changing.

If you have any further questions please direct them to Mrs Prendergast at school who will be happy to help.


The Geography department at Rowan High School aims to inspire a love of Geography through engaging lessons, interesting content and opportunities for learning outside the classroom.


The curriculum has been formatted in a way to ensure that every pupil has a range of pathways to academic success, with opportunities to both nurture and extend learning.
As we offer a breadth of qualification options, pupils access a range of differentiated learning opportunities, using the graduated approach through regular formative and summative assessments.
New information is taught in small steps and geographical skills are modelled so that students become confident using them. Extended writing in Geography is developed over time using a variety of techniques.


The Rowan High School Geography curriculum comprises of well planned lessons which encourage progression for all students. Continuity and progression in the curriculum is built around essential knowledge, understanding and key skills within History. These are broken into year group expectations and have additional challenges for able learners.

Curriculum Overview at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3:

The Geography curriculum at Rowan High School is organised into units which are structured in such a way that they build on prior knowledge and learning. This enables students to build connections between subjects and develop transferable skills.
Students attend one 50 minute lesson of Geography each week. During their KS3 Geography lessons, students will develop an understanding of local, national and international geography so that they develop a comprehensive understanding of the world we live in.

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