At Rowan High School we provide our pupils with a curriculum that is broad, balanced, motivating and accessible to all and focuses on developing transferable skills and knowledge that equip our pupils for each stage in their education and life beyond school as confidently and independently as possible.

Our curriculum ensures all pupils learning is meaningful, enjoyable, inclusive and engaging. All learning is highly differentiated taking into consideration the pupil’s cognitive level, interests and learning styles. Our curriculum must be able to teach explicitly the knowledge and skills required to facilitate meaningful participation in society with as much independence as possible.

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Promote and facilitate communication skills.
  • Develop a culture where every achievement is celebrated and all pupils experience success.
  • Meet the needs of all pupils through a personalised approach.
  • Provide high challenge low threat learning opportunities (Mary Myatt)
  • Make connections between areas of learning that enable pupils to develop a holistic and sequenced interconnected body of knowledge that is meaningful, purposeful and relevant to them.
  • Develop happy, resilient and confident learners.
  • Develop positive relationships.
  • Promotes the development of self-help and life skills.
  • Offer learning that is aspirational and provides a degree of challenge.
  • Provide teaching and learning opportunities that are not limited to lesson time but throughout the day such as break time, snack time, personal care routines, out in the community and transitions. We believe these opportunities enable pupils to generalise and transfer skills across a range of contexts.

The areas that underpin our curriculum are broken down into four key faculties:

Core: English / Maths / Science / Computing / Outdoor Education / PSHE

Expressive Arts: Music / Drama / Dance / Art / Well Being / Design Technology

Understanding the World: History / Geography / Religious Education

Independent Life: Careers / Personal Development / Enterprise & Business / Cookery / Emotional Regulation & Sensory

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