Admission Criteria

The criteria for admission is:

  • Young people who have a diagnosis of Autism and this is the primary need;
  • Be aged 11- 19 years;
  • Academically able to undertake Entry Level, Level 1/2 and GCSE courses at 14 – 19 years.


The school is identified as a possible place for your child during a meeting at school, or in another professional meeting.  The parent then attends a school tour where there are opportunities to ask questions and meet the school’s leadership team. If the parent then makes the decision that the school is the right place for their child, they will let the current school or Sefton SEND and Inclusion Team know.

 A referral to the Headteacher for a place is made by Sefton Local Authority and the school reviews all the paperwork sent and may even visit the child in their current school setting, to decide if we can meet your child’s needs.

If the school has offered a place to your child, we will arrange transition links.  We know transition can be a difficult and often a daunting time for young people and their parents, which is why we work closely with schools to design a transition package which supports reducing anxieties for everyone involved, such as planned visits to your child’s current school; time to talk to the new class team and joining in shared activities with new students. 

We offer activity days with our staff to get to know your child and to give your child an opportunity to meet the others, in the summer term.

If you would like more information on the admission process for Rowan High School, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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